I am Fred, a photographer based in Northern, NJ, specializing in portrait and event photography. My services include portraits of expectant mothers, newborns, children, families, and couples as well as special events and celebrations.
My style is a mixture of both traditional portraits and photojournalistic candid images. While I incorporate some posed images, I primarily focus on capturing people being themselves. My philosophy is to document spontaneous and genuine expressions that perfectly capture the spirit of the moment. A photograph should be natural and expressive and convey a person's unique personality. This is why I do not believe in gimmicks or cheesy poses.


Kite Festival, Dior Homme, Ilaria Nistri, Jucca, Tarnetar Mela, Albino, Kutch Carnival , Scee, Celebration of Republic, Vic Matie’, live screen projection


It’s Nice That, Accent Magazine, Aperture, The Exposed, Paul Smith World, Foam*, Pylot Magazine.

Small Story

Only a photographer is able to look through a lens and see a world that no one else can see - in the blink of an eye, the click of camera, an image is caught and gives immortality to whatever is captured there. Magical as it seems, it cannot create.

With Love